Courses: Anthropological Demography (ANTHB333001)

Spring 2012

Class Number: 1009
Anthropological demography examines human population structure and dynamics through the understanding of birth, death and migration processes. It includes study of the individual’s life history. Population dynamics in small- and large-scale societies, the history of human populations and policy implications of demographic processes in the developed and developing world will be discussed through a cross-cultural perspective.
Div: I; Haverford: Social Science (SO)
Enrollment Limit: 15; Enrollment Criteria:
Major/Minor/Concentration; Lottery;

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 1009 Div: I; ; SO


Anthropology (Web site)

Taught By

Davis,Richard S.


Bryn Mawr, DAL25

Meeting Times

F 1:00pm-3:30pm