Courses: Topics in Organic Chemistry-Medicinal Chemistry (CHEMB515001)

Fall 2011

Class Number: 3058
A survey of topics related to drug discovery including lead discovery, target interactions, structural optimization, drug metabolism and drug synthesis. The course will engage in an advanced treatment of these topics with particular attention to an understanding of drug design and development on the molecular level. Case studies will be used to illustrate the application of these principles. Discussions may include OxyContin and related opiate analgesics; aspirin and related NSAIDs; penicillin and other antibacterial agents; Tamiflu and related anti-virals; Alzheimer's disease drugs; and anti-depressants. Prerequisites: CHE 212 or the equivalent

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 3058


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Taught By

Lawlor,Michael D.


Bryn Mawr, PK264

Meeting Times

MW 10:00am-11:30am