Courses: Modern Jewish Thought (RELGH281B01)

Spring 2011

This course will bring together students and scholars to explore active research in the field of modern Jewish thought and culture. We will analyze pivotal texts by engaging nine scholars who will visit the classroom to discuss their work. Some will actually be present in class; others will be connected via Skype. Each contemporary scholar has proposed readings for the Monday class, and has included his/her own writings for analysis and critique for the Wednesday discussion. These scholars will be present in class (physically or via Skype) when we discuss their work in modern Jewish thought. In this way, we read the primary sources together with contemporary analysis, and discuss these materials with an active scholar in the field. The focus of this class will be American Jewish thought and culture, and will culminate in a symposium during reading period in which all nine scholars will be present to discuss their research. Students will become familiar with this research over the course of the semester, and will actively take part in furthering this field of scholarship. A course blog, maintained throughout the semester, will sustain and energize critical discussions between students and scholars. Furthermore, students will send drafts of their final papers to the relevant scholar who will then read, comment, and discuss these papers with students during the Symposium in May.

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Fulfills: HU III


Haverford, Gest 101

Meeting Times

MW 2:30-4:00