Courses: Select Topics in Mathematics-Probability & Math Statistics (MATHB295001)

Spring 2011

Class Number: 1262
This course covers topics that are not part of the standard departmental offerings and varies from semester to semester. Students may take this course more than once. Prerequisite: MATH 201 or permission of instructor.
Enrollment Limit: 30; Enrollment Limit Criteria: Other; Current topic
description: This course introduces the mathematical theory of
probability, including density functions and distribution functions,
joint and marginal distributions, conditional probability, and
expected value and variance. It then develops the theory of
statistics, including parameter estimation and hypothesis testing. The
emphasis is on proving results in mathematical statistics rather than
on applying statistical methods.

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 1262 Div: II



Taught By



Bryn Mawr, PK349

Meeting Times

TTH 2:15pm-3:45pm