Courses: Topics in Latin Literature-The Idea of the Dialogue (LATNB650001)

Spring 2011

Class Number: 1253
Horace, Rome s most versatile author, produced some of antiquity s most important and intriguing poems on themes ranging from erotics to poetics, from political instability to philosophy, from morality to myth. This course will focus on the poems published in his Epodes and the four books of Odes, paying special attention to Horace s engagement with his poetic predecessors and the Greek and Latin literary tradition in general, his relationship with Maecenas and Augustus, and his brilliant use of meter and Latin poetic diction. We will also consider some of his other works such as the Ars Poetica and the Epistles in order to appreciate more fully his poetic practices and his appropriation of the Greek heritage into Roman cultural contexts. Finally, we will read a broad selection of important scholarship, both older and more recent, to become acquainted with the critical discourse that has grown up around Horace s poetry since antiquity.

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Bryn Mawr, TH223,TH223

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