Courses: Apocalyptic Literature: Closer to God: Literature and Religion in Medieval England (ENGLH385B01)

Spring 2011

In this course, we will consider how literature produced in the later Middle Ages in England was shaped by Christian belief and conceptions of the afterlife.We will be particularly interested in the interplay between popular culture and the institutional Church: did the Church create belief, or merely respond to it? This course questions the connections between mythology and eschatology, vision and violence, prophecy and poetry, memory and millennialism. Centered on readings of John, Langland, Dante and Blake, it will require the reading of images as well as texts, including medieval manuscript illuminations, allegorical paintings, and Blake's Illuminations.

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Prerequisites: Two courses in English at the 200 level or permission of instructor

Fulfills: HU III Limit:15


English (Web site)

Taught By

Rosemary O'Neill (Profile)


Haverford, Link 205

Meeting Times

MW 12:30-2:00