Courses: Topics in American Literature: How to Do Things With Books: Literature, Performance, Pedagogy (ENGLH365B01)

Spring 2011

This course examines fiction, poetry, and criticism by a series of 19th-century American writers who have positioned the encounter between reader and text as an act or event with unpredictable effects. A central focus is these texts' notion of pedagogy: framing our reading through contemporary theory, we will ask how literature teaches, what it teaches, how you come to believe that you've been taught something, or that you've not been taught something.

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Prerequisites: Two courses in English at the 200 level or permission of instructor

Fulfills: HU III Limit:15


English (Web site)

Taught By

Gustavus Stadler (Profile)


Haverford, Hall 106

Meeting Times

T 7:30pm-10:00pm