Courses: Conflict and inequality in Latin America (ANTHH242B01)

Spring 2011

This class presents an overview of Latin America by focusing on select examples of some of the dominant forms of social conflict and inequality found across the region. Throughout the course, we will explore three primary issues, considering how they unfold in the particular ethnographic context(s) examined each week. The first is what constitutes “power” and relations of power. The second is the construction and operation of group boundaries, particularly as they relate to conflict among ethnic groups and between them and the state. And the final is the “neo-colonial” role played by the United States in the historical and contemporary socio-cultural and political economic development of Latin America. As this course considers Latin America through the lens of cultural anthropology, we will also consider how the issues touched relate to concerns in the broader study of anthropology.

Prerequisites: none

Fulfills: SO I Limit:35


Anthropology (Web site)

Taught By

Hilary Dick (Profile)


Haverford, Hlls 108

Meeting Times

TTh 11:30-1:00