Courses: Adv Topics in Human Evolution (ANTHB360001)

Spring 2011

Class Number: 1016
This course will explore central issues in the study of human origins. We will examine Miocene hominoids from Africa, Asia, and Europe to better understand the ongoing debate about the origins of the hominin lineage, particularly issues pertaining to the location and hominoid group from which hominins arose. We will also look at the earliest putative hominins from Africa within the context of the earlier Miocene hominoids for a better understanding of their taxonomic position. Prerequisite: ANTH 209.
Enrollment Limit: 15; Enrollment Limit Criteria: Class Year

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 1016 Div: I



Taught By

Su,Denise Fay-Shen


Bryn Mawr, DAL315

Meeting Times

TH 12:00pm-2:00pm