Courses: Abstract Algebra I (MATHB303002)

Fall 2010

Class Number: 1968
Groups, rings, and fields and their homomorphisms. Quotient groups, quotient rings, and the isomorphism theorems. Standard examples including symmetric groups, free groups, and finitely generated abelian groups; integral domains, PID’s and UFD’s, and polynomial rings; finite and infinite fields. Sylow theory and field extensions. Additional topics may include: Galois theory, modules and canonical forms of matrices, algebraic closures, and localization. Prerequisite: MATH 203.
Enrollment Limit: 25; Enrollment Limit Criteria: Math major or
Permission of Instructor;

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 1968 Div: II


Mathematics (Web site)

Taught By

Kasius,Peter G.


Bryn Mawr, PK337

Meeting Times

TTH 10:00am-11:30am