Courses: Advanced Biological Chemistry-NucleicAcidsBiochem/Applic (CHEMB345001)

Fall 2010

Class Number: 1194
Topics vary. Topic for Fall 2010 will be " Nucleic Acids in Biochemistry and Applications in Biotechnology". Topic for Spring 2011 will be "Current Topics in Metabolism. Prerequisites: any course in biochemistry or permission of instructor.
Nucleic acids biochemistry and applications in biotechnology. The
course introduces students to the biochemistry of DNA and RNA and
related cellular metabolism. It also explores novel biotechnological
applications in several areas including medical diagnosis and
treatment, genetically modified crops, forensics, bioinformatics, and
genome sequencing, among others. The course includes oral
presentations as well as written assignments. Pre-requisite: Any
course in biochemistry.; Enrollment Limit: 20 Enrollment Limit
Criteria: Other;

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 1194 Div: II


Chemistry (Web site)

Taught By

Porello,Silvia L.


Bryn Mawr, PK264

Meeting Times

MW 10:00am-11:30am