Courses: Photography: Materials and Techniques (ARTSH251A01)

Fall 2010

Students are encouraged to develop an individual approach to photography. Emphasis is placed on the creation of black and white photographic prints which express plastic form, emotions and ideas about the physical world. Work is critiqued weekly to give critical insights into editing of individual student work and the use of the appropriate black and white photographic materials necessary to give coherence to that work. Study of the photography collection, gallery and museum exhibitions, lectures, and a critical analysis of photographic sequences in books and a research project supplement the weekly critiques. In addition students produce a handmade archival box to house their work which is organized into a loose sequence and mounted to archival standards.

Prerequisites: Fine Arts 103 or equivalent.

Fulfills: HU III


Fine Arts (Web site)

Taught By

William Williams (Profile)


Haverford, Arts 15

Meeting Times

M 9:00-12:00