Courses: Arts Foundation-Painting (ARTSH107E01)

Fall 2010

A seven-week introductory course for students with little or no experience in painting. Students will be first introduced to the handling of basic tools, materials and techniques. We will study the color theory such as interaction of color, value & color, warms & cools, complementary colors, optical mixture, texture, surface quality. We will work from live model, still life, landscape, imagination and masterwork.

Prerequisites: Preference to declared majors who need Foundations, and to students who have entered the lottery for the same Foundations course at least once without success. Preference will also be given to students with Foundations-Drawing experience. Overenrollment w

Fulfills: HU III Limit:18


Fine Arts (Web site)

Taught By

John Goodrich (Profile)


Haverford, Arts 8A

Meeting Times

TTh 9:00am-12:pm