Courses: Urban Life: Ethnography of the City (ANTHH325A01)

Fall 2010

This seminar focuses on urban ethnography, examining the significance of place in daily practices, social relations, and broader social norms. Students will read contemporary ethnographies and conduct their own fieldwork projects. We will also compare different modes of representation, including different ethnographic styles as well as other media including film, documentary, photography and new media. The readings will underscore urban life as a process that brings together—and redefines—diverse groups of people. The fieldwork will show students that the ways we study the city inform its shape and will provide students firsthand experience in the process of knowledge production. Final projects, including written ethnography and explorations of other media, will illuminate issues of representation.

Prerequisites: An introductory course to anthropological theory

Fulfills: SO I Limit:15


Anthropology (Web site)

Taught By

Ruti Talmor (Profile)


Haverford, Stokes 102

Meeting Times

T 1:30-4:00