Courses: African Masculinities (ICPRH210B01)

Spring 2010

This course explores the intersection of race, gender, generation, and geography to look at the different ways African manhood has been theorized and represented over time and across disciplines. Topics will include: 1) Early anthropological takes on gender, generation, and social roles; 2) New male identities under colonialism; urbanization and modernization; 3) The debate about African homosexuality; 4) African Politics: Big Men, Warlords and Child soldiers; 5) Hiphop, Reggae, and other forms of global black culture shaping African masculinities today; 6) Comparative readings on black masculinities in Europe and America; and 7) Media and literary representations.

Fulfills: SO I


Haverford, Stokes 102

Meeting Times

MW 2:30-4:00