Courses: Greek Orators:Classical Athens (GREKB639001)

Spring 2010

Class Number: 1183
The Attic orators provide a rich array of evidence for the social
structures of men and women in ancient Athens, giving insights into
aspects of personal life that literary texts rarely touch upon. In
this seminar, we will explore the ideas of gender and citizenship as
they are expressed in a number of the orations from 4th century
Athens. We will examine the ways in which rhetoric is used in the
speeches, with close attention to the kind of social and personal
dynamics that were centralto the forensic arena of this time period.
A close reading of the texts themselves in the original Greek will
help provide insight into the language of the courts, while the
readings from modern scholarship will allow us to probe more deeply
into some the issues raised by the texts.

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 1183


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Bryn Mawr, CARP17

Meeting Times

TH 2:00pm-4:00pm