Courses: Literature and Politics of South African Apartheid (ENGLH276B01)

Spring 2010

This course explores the history and historiography of South African apartheid from its inception in 1948 to its democratic overthrow in 1994. We will consider the interplay between complex definitions of race, gender, nation and difference in novels, plays, and poetry written during the apartheid years. We will also discuss the tension between an ethics and aesthetics of literary production in a time of political oppression. What would it mean for one to write an apolitical text in a cultural space rife with racial and social tensions? Authors will include Nadine Gordimer, Alan Paton, J.M.Coetzee, Bessie Head, and Alex La Guma.

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Fulfills: HU III


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Taught By

Laura McGrane (Profile)

Meeting Times

TTh 1:00-2:30