Courses: Perspectives in Biology: Human Genetic Diversity (BIOLH127H01)

Spring 2010

A major scientific milestone marking the start of the 21st century was the publication of the human genome sequence. With the subsequent reading of many human genomes, comparisons reveal clues to the natural history of the human species. Starting with basic concepts of human genetics and topics such as natural selection, founder effects and genetic drift, the course will examine issues of human origins and migrations, diversity and the relationship between different populations and ethnic groups. One half semester. Enrollment limited to 30.

Prerequisites: To be considered for the lottery, students must register for both Biol 125g & 127h. One lottery, valid for BOTH courses, will be run.

Fulfills: NA


Biology (Web site)

Taught By

Philip Meneely (Profile)

Meeting Times

MWF 9:30-10:30