Courses: Topics in Sociology: Moral Culture and Normative Order (SOCLH233A01)

Fall 2009

We will examine the dynamic relationship between moral cultures and the normative order of societies. Particular attention will be given to the period between the Enlightenment, when moral culture first received stable transcendental anchorage for its independence of religious culture, and contemporary times. Ideological systems such as Marxism, European socialism, and American individualistic liberalism will be examined. Readings will be drawn from classical sociologists, more recent sociologists, and historians. The principal goal will be to understand how the emergence of differentiated and independently grounded secular moral culture since the Enlightenment has affected processes of change in normative orders, including legal orders, in modern societies.

Prerequisites: Socl 155 a or b or permission of instructor.

Fulfills: SO I


Sociology (Web site)

Taught By

Victor Lidz (Profile)


Haverford, Rbts 007

Meeting Times

TTh 2:30-4:00