Courses: Intro. to Psychotherapy (PSYCB561001)

Fall 2009

Class Number: 1465
This course provides an introduction to the principles and practice
of individual psychotherapy with an emphasis on working with children
and adolescents. Students are encouraged to think critically about
the nature and process of psychotherapy and to apply creatively their
knowledge and skills to the task of helping those in need. emphasis
is placed on formulating therapeutic goals and conceptualizing
therapeutic change. The course provides an overview of dominant
conceptualizations of therapy, especially psychodynamic and
cognitive/behavioral approaches. Therapeutic techniques and
challenges in work with children and adolescents are presented.
Concurrent with the course, students have an introductory therapy
experience in a school or clinic in which they conduct psychotherapy
with one or two clients and receive supervision.

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 1465


Psychology (Web site)

Taught By



Bryn Mawr, BYC100

Meeting Times

M 2:00pm-6:00pm