Courses: Senior Departmental Studies (SPANH490B01)

Spring 2009

The course will consist of two one-semester parts. The first, taken in the Fall semester, will have the format of a seminar under the supervision of one Spanish Department faculty member. The purpose of this seminar will be to prepare students for the research and writing their Senior Theses by 1) enhancing and refining the reading tools and critical approaches to texts in Spanish acquired in previous courses; 2) elucidating and contextualizing relevant aspects of literary history, theory, and culture 3) determining the thesis topic, key secondary sources and approach to be deployed in writing the thesis, and 4) polishing the skills and methods for successful research and proper use of available resources. Problems in literary and cultural analysis-selected with a view to their pertinence in relation to the group's interests-will be presented through close readings of works from various periods and genres and through selected works of criticism or theory. The second semester will involve the process of writing the thesis. Seminar meetings will continue-albeit in a more sporadic schedule-for progress reports while students work under the supervision of individual professors.

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Taught By

Graciela Michelotti (Profile)