Courses: Romantic Music (MUSCH224B01)

Spring 2009

Music by Schubert, Chopin, Schumann, Verdi, Wagner, Dvorak, Brahms, and Mahler, among others, with special focus on changing approaches to style of expression, and to the aesthetic principles such works articulate. Themes for Fall 2008 include "Sounds and Images", "Ballads and Myths", "Nationalisms", and "Nostalgia and History". Assignments will allow students to explore individual vocal and instrumental works, and will give students a sense of some of the perspectives to be found in the musicological literature on 19th century music.

Prerequisites: Music 110 or 111, or consent of instructor

Fulfills: HU III


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Taught By

Richard Freedman (Profile)


Haverford, Union 114

Meeting Times

MW 12:30-2:00