Courses: Ocular Anxiety: Visuality in the Nineteenth Century (ICPRH266B01)

Spring 2009

We will examine the 19th C as an age of "ocularcentrism." At this time, a culture of looking emerged with the development of new visual technologies & the opening of art museums. This was the heyday of the illustrated book and the beginnings of photography. The visual was not only used to make sense of the external world, but also to reveal the realm of the invisible. In the middle of the century, Europeans & Americans alike had great confidence in vision. Yet as the century drew on, there were increasingly moments when this confidence wavered. This course will look at moments of both optimism & skepticism about the ability of the brush, the pencil, & the camera to capture what the eye could see and what it could not.

Fulfills: HU III


Haverford, Stokes 102

Meeting Times

W 1:30-4:00