Courses: Molecular Plant Biology (BIOLH313H01)

Spring 2009

This course will discuss important topics in plant biology from a molecular perspective. Key themes will include plant hormones and their effects on cell division, expansion, and differentiation; plant development; responses to external signals (light, abiotic stresses, and pathogens); and the relationship between plants, biomass, and biofuels. These discussions of plants and renewable energy sources will demonstrate the importance of understanding basic plant biology for improving plant-based biofuels. Seminal papers will be considered from the primary literature, and an attempt will be made to show common methods used in plant biology, the commonalities and differences between plants and animals, and the direction of the field as a whole.

Prerequisites: Bio200 or consent of instructor

Fulfills: NA II


Biology (Web site)

Taught By

Matthew R. Willmann (Profile)

Meeting Times

TTh 8:30-10:00