Courses: Anthropology of China (ANTHH244B01)

Spring 2009

This course is a basic introduction to the anthropology of China. We investigate family, religion, and politics, paying particular attention to "the problem of women," as anthropologists and the Chinese Communist Party have termed the study of gender relations and gendered representations. The scope of our inquiry is about one century: we begin with traditional China and end with the present. Our primary site is the Chinese mainland (rather than Taiwan, Hong Kong, or the Chinese diaspora). Our goals include learning specific information about China, Chinese society, and Chinese culture; examining a range of diverse anthropological approaches to the study of human beings; and exploring the political dimensions of representation.

Prerequisites: One course in ANTH or EAST.

Fulfills: SO I


Anthropology (Web site)

Taught By

Maris Gillette (Profile)

Meeting Times

MW 2:30-4:00