Courses: General Chemistry I: Principles and Applications of Chemistry (CHEMH100A02)

Fall 2008

Properties of atoms and molecules, stoichiometry, acid-base equilibria, thermochemistry, and kinetics as the foundation for future work in chemistry. One of the sections is designed for students with limited or no exposure to high school Chemistry courses; it is limited to placement by the department and consists of five lectures and one laboratory period. Two other sections do not have enrollment limits and consist of three lectures, one required recitation, and one laboratory period. Placement of students into the three sections of the course will be determined by the Chemistry Department based on an on-line placement questionnaire, secondary school records, and scores from standardized and advanced placement tests. Students must be free to attend one afternoon of lab AND one recitation time.

Fulfills: NA QU IIL


Haverford, Hlls 109

Meeting Times

MWF 9:30-10:30