Courses: Gender Dissidence in Hispanic Writing (SPANH334B01)

Spring 2008

Cross-listed in Comparative Literature
Study of the dissenting voices of gender and sexuality in Spain and Spanish America and US Latino/a writers. Interrogation of "masculine" and "feminine" cultural constructions and "compulsory heterosexuality," as well as exemplary moments of dissent. Texts to be studied include Hispano-Arabic poetry, Fernando de Rojas's Celestina; Tirso de Molina, Don Gil de las calzas verdes; Teresa of Avila, Gloria Anzaldúa, and Reinaldo Arenas.

Prerequisite: A 200 level course or consent of the instructor.

Fulfills: HU SJ III


Spanish (Web site)

Taught By

Israel Burshatin (Profile)


Haverford, Shrp 410

Meeting Times

TTh 1:00-2:30