Courses: Living in a Fluid World: Physics of Everyday Life (PHYSH107B01)

Spring 2008

Priority given to seniors, then juniors, then sophomores.
Enrollment limited to 35 students.
The physical principles governing life in a fluid environment: how fluids move and exert forces; how organisms swim, fly, and utilize fluids for circulation; and the role of fluid motion in understanding weather and climate. Examples include: how organisms adapt to a fluid environment; how hurricanes work; why the eyes of fish are not in the front; how insects walk on water; the dynamics of flight; the physics of rain; and the predictability of the weather. Intended for students not majoring in the sciences. No prerequisite, but basic high school physics concepts like momentum and energy, and quantitative reasoning skills, will be used.

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Fulfills: NA QU


Physics (Web site)

Taught By

Jerry Gollub (Profile)


Haverford, Shrp 412

Meeting Times

MWF 11:30-12:30