Courses: Nietzsche (PHILH226A01)

Fall 2007

Enrollment limited to 25 students.
Description: Does truth matter to us today? Is truth, as Nietzsche says in On Truth and Lying from a Non-moral Sense, a “mobile army of metaphors, metonymies, anthropomorphisms”? Are Truths “illusions of which we have forgotten that they are illusions”? What about truthfulness? Does it matter? Is the will to truth “the will not to deceive another”? Or is it “the will no to let oneself be deceived”? Or is the will to truth “the will not to deceive oneself”? Finally what is the relation between the will to truth and the will to power?

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Fulfills: HU III


Philosophy (Web site)

Taught By

Kathleen Wright (Profile)


Haverford, Gest 101

Meeting Times

TTh 10:00-11:30