Courses: Sport&Spectacle Anc Grc&Rome (HISTB285001)

Fall 2007

Class Number: 1464
New Course: Sport and spectacle in ancient Greece and Rome and
comparatively to the institutions of education and sport in modern
society. Topics are the Olympic games and other sanctuaries with
athletic competitions, the built structures for athletics (stadium,
gymnasium, baths, amphitheaters, circuses, and hippodrome and
spectacles, such as gladiatorial combat. Cross listed as ARCH B255,
CITY B260 and CSTS B255. Enrollment limited to 30 students, with
preference given to majors and minors in Classical Studies, Classics
at Haverford or Swarthmore, or Archaeology, then by interview. Cross
listed with CITY B260, CSTS B255, ARCH B255.

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 1464 Div: III


History (Web site)

Taught By

Wright,James C.


Bryn Mawr, CARP25

Meeting Times

TTH 10:00am-11:30am