Courses: Fall 2007 (GREKH311A01)

Fall 2007

Cross-listed in Philosophy
Description: We’ll be examining Plato’s attempt to distinguish his Socrates from some of the main representatives of the “Sophistic movement” of the 5th century BCE. Please note: this course demands a working knowledge of Ancient Greek. The course is open to Haverford and Bryn Mawr undergraduates (who may sign up through the Classics or Philosophy Departments) as well as to Bryn Mawr graduate students in Classics. The main texts will be Plato’s Protagoras and Republic I, which students will read in Ancient Greek. Several other Platonic dialogues will be used as secondary texts; the students will study them in English. (Probable candidates are Theaetetus and Euthydemus, and perhaps Hippias Major and Hippias Minor.) In addition, the students will be expected to read a range of secondary material. Bryn Mawr graduate students taking the course will also read Plato’s Gorgias (and perhaps Euthydemus) in Ancient Greek.

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Fulfills: HU III


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Taught By

Ravi Sharma (Profile)


Haverford, Link 205

Meeting Times

Th 1:30-4:00