Courses: Development & Evolution (BIOLH312E01)

Fall 2007

This course introduces important links between developmental and evolutionary biology. Genetic changes that produce variations between organisms are an important aspect of evolutionary change. Since development can be viewed as the process that links genetic information to the final form of an organism the fields of development and evolution clearly impact one another. We will look at Drosophila and zebrafish, where developmental mechanisms have been elucidated in remarkable detail. We will then look beyond these model systems to comparative studies that examine development in a range of organisms. We will consider how these comparative studies provide insight into evolutionary mechanisms and how underlying differences in development may account for the differences we see between organisms.

Prerequisites: Prerequisite: Biology 200 or consent of instructor.

Fulfills: NA II


Biology (Web site)

Taught By

Rachel Hoang (Profile)


Haverford, Shrp 217

Meeting Times

TTh 11:30-1:00