Courses: Indonesian Cultures in Transnational Perspective (ANTHH323A01)

Fall 2007

Enrollment limited to 15 students.
This course will offer an overview of Indonesian history, culture and politics, combining classroom learning with service learning/field research in Philadelphia's Indonesian refugee community. Students will gain knowledge of Indonesian history, culutre and politics, and of social theories used to approach the study of a particular region of the world. Topics to be covered include: colonial power and resistance, the nationalist movement, state repression and violence, ethnic identity politics, religious and cultural difference, gender and sexuality, and transitional justice and reconciliation efforts in the post-Suharto era. Students will also spend approximately 3hrs/wk in internship placements or supervised field research with Indonesian refugees. A majority of these people are ethnic Chinese who fled to escape discrimination and violence. Out-of-classroom activities will be brought back into the classroom and will culminate in a final collaboratively-written research report. A commitment to active participation is essential.

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Prerequisites: Permission of instructor.

Fulfills: SO I


Haverford, Link 309

Meeting Times

TTh 11:30-1:00