Christine Sun Kim at the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery

Christine Sun Kim at the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery

In this film, artist and Mellon Creative Resident Christine Sun Kim discusses her interest in sound and its use in her work as part of the 2012 Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery exhibition "What Can a Body Do?" Photo by Noelia Hobeika '13.


Supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Mellon Creative Residencies encourage Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore faculty from across the three divisions—natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities—to design and implement arts residencies in conjunction with their curricular and scholarly agendas.

The program cultivates the broad integration of the arts in the liberal arts, seeking particularly to complement our curricular mission by supporting residencies that combine pedagogy, public presentation, and informal exchange among artists, faculty, students, the wider campus, and area communities. The program offers a variety of models for residencies, ranging from one week to an entire semester.

The term "artist" designates not only practitioners of traditional media—fine arts; music; theatre; filmmaking—but a full spectrum of creators, including innovative practitioners of scientific narrative and imaging, creative non-fiction writers, performance artists, illustrators, architects, sonic fabulists, environmental bricoleurs, explorers of virtual media and spaces, "outsider" image-makers, multimedia curators, and others working at the frontiers of what we think of as "art."


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