Hurford Center for the Arts and Humanities: 2014 Summer Programs

This summer, the Hurford Center for the Arts and Humanities (HCAH) will support 27 students across a range of internships, faculty assistantships, and research and media production fellowships.

These programs offer students apprenticeships at arts, culture, and research organizations; partnerships with faculty in developing humanistic research and curricula; and opportunities to engage in dynamic and independent scholarship and artistic creation at the undergraduate level.


For summer 2014, HCAH will co-sponsor three new initiatives:


  • Gulf Coast Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Fellowships, led by Vicky Funari (Film) and Helen White (Chemistry) in partnership with the Koshland Integrated Natural Sciences Center, the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship, the Office of the Provost’s Louis Green Fund, and the Department of Instructional and Information Technology Services
  • International Internship with French publisher Les Humanoïdes Associes, co-sponsored with the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship with David Sedley (French) as the faculty sponsor
  • Myth and Mask in Digital and Material Space: a Consortial Humanities Lab, collaborative, interdisciplinary research and creative projects pairing faculty with groups of students from eight small liberal arts colleges, co-organized by Carleton’s Humanities Center Director Susannah Ottaway and the Hurford Center’s Koshland Director Laura McGrane


Beyond these new initiatives, HCAH will send a student to Japan to research Nihonga painting and Japanese picture books, fund faculty-student research and course development around the spatial history of Lancaster Avenue, and strengthen Haverford’s connections to Philadelphia through a slate of ongoing partnerships with arts and cultural organizations in the city, among many other projects.


Find out more about them all the students and faculty working with the Center over the summer as they check in with the HCAH blog Decentered.


Student Research Assistants (SRAs)


Joshua Bucheister ’14 & Rajeswari Mohan (English)

Joshua will assist Professor Rajeswari Mohan in building a relevant bibliography and critical annotation of literature pertaining to the Sri Lankan civil war, an article on Amitav Ghosh’s Shadow Lines, and a chapter of Mohan’s book entitled “Maternal Feeling, Martyrdom, and Reconciliation.”


Dillon Chesnut ’14 & Andrew Cornell (American Studies)

Dillon will assist Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow Andrew Cornell with revising his manuscript Unruly Equality: U.S. Anarchism in the Mid-Twentieth Century and compiling the writings of two anarchist theorists to be released in conjunction. He will also help lay the foundation for Cornell’s Spring 2015 Mellon Symposium.


Emma Lumeij ’16 & Lindsay Reckson (English)

Emma will help Professor Lindsay Reckson build a historiography of the Ghost Dance religion and its challenges to conventional realist representation in literary, visual, and audio form. She will conduct guided research with primary and secondary sources, compiling an annotated bibliography and helping identify potential archives.


Ryan Rebel ’14 & Andrew Friedman (History)

Ryan will assist Professor Andrew Friedman with foundational work for a digital humanities project that will be incorporated into the new history course “Walter Benjamin on Lancaster Avenue.”


James Truitt ’17 & Darin Hayton (History)

James will work with Professor Darin Hayton to continue building an online resource of witchcraft and weather-related pamphlets, focusing on incorporating new sources in German, Latin, and French.


Jeremy Steinberg ’16 & Jamel Velji (Religion)

Jeremy will assist Professor Jamel Velji with creating a visual archive of images related to the end of time to use in the course “The End of the World as We Know it.” He will also help with the bibliographic compilation and course design for the seminar “Mahdis and their Movements.” Lastly, he will be a careful reader of Velji’s forthcoming manuscript on early Fatimid apocalypticism.




The Hurford Center supports three unique types of internships: Philly Partners, Self-Designed Internships, and Internships with the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Summer Museum Studies Program.


Philly Partners

Philly Partners matches Haverford students with nationally recognized organizations in Philadelphia committed to intellectual and artistic engagement with local undergraduates.  HCAH invites host organizations to propose an internship that the Center reviews, selecting projects that benefit both the host and the student. Most of these organizations have a long history with HCAH and all have a strong relationship with the Center.


The Ward: Race and Class in Du Bois’ Seventh Ward (formerly Mapping Du Bois), University of Pennsylvania School of Design

Maya Beale ’15 is working on The Ward: Race and Class in Du Bois’ Seventh Ward (formerly Mapping Du Bois), a project of the University of Pennsylvania School of Design. Her summer internship includes independent archival research, conducting oral histories, and developing curricula. She also has the opportunity to explore Philly’s historical sites and archives and to attend relevant lectures and events.


Pennsylvania Humanities Council

Rachel Baron ’15 is interning at the Pennsylvania Humanities Council, assisting staff in the communications and programs departments. She is working on building relationships with legislators and the press, media projects including the arts and culture TV series Humanities on the Road, and planning and implementing a book discussion program for teens at public libraries.


Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Eden Heller ’16 is working at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania on two web-based projects that provide historical resources to the public. She is designing new content for, choosing new historical subjects to add to a digital map of Philly, and is also continuing to add resources to a specific educators portal that the Historical Society offers to teachers.



Miriam Hwang-Carlos ’17 is assisting the Information Manager and the Blog Manager of Philadelphia FringeArts, helping prepare for the organization’s 18th annual performing arts festival in September 2014. She is working on managing and fact checking information for the Festival Guide as well as contributing content to the Festival Blog.


The Mütter Museum of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Cora Johnson-Grau ’16 is working at the Mütter Museum of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. Like previous HCAH interns, she is engaging in Civil War-related research and is also locating and digitizing images from early, rare texts on health and medicine.


Pig Iron Theatre Company

Sarah Wingfield ’16 is interning at the Pig Iron Theatre Company and will help with the development of a series of public talks focusing on Pig Iron’s practice, artistic vision, and educational goals. She is working with staff to invite a cross-section of people to contribute videos, artwork, and stories to a blog inspired by the series.



Self-Designed Internships

Students independently identify arts and culture internship opportunities across the country. After making arrangements with the host organization/project partner, they craft a detailed summer project proposal.


Red Hen Press, Pasadena, CA

Natalia Gutiérrez-Jones 16 is volunteering with the Red Hen Press in Pasadena, CA, which works to promote literacy in local schools and support diversity through publishing work by underrepresented groups.


Links Hall, Chicago, IL

Amancay Tribe ’15 is working as an archival intern and stage-management intern with Links Hall, a non-profit dance and theater company in Chicago, IL.


New York Women in Film and Television, New York, NY

Anna Bullard-Werner 15 is working with New York Women in Film and Television through their intern-mentor program in NYC. She will be paired with an NYWFT mentor to work on the organization's general operations and event planning.



Philadelphia Museum of Art Museum Studies Internship Program

The Center supports Haverford students accepted into the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s prestigious Museum Studies Internship Program.  Drawing from a national pool that includes art history graduate students, MBAs, and law students, the PMA offered internships to two Haverford students this summer.


Lindsey Palmer ’15

Editorial Department


Jon William Sweitzer-Lamme ’14

Information Department



International Internship with French publisher Les Humanoïdes Associes

HCAH and the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship are co-sponsoring an international internship in Paris for an editorial assistantship with Les Humanoïdes Associes.  Based in Paris, Les Humanoides Associes has a prestigious heritage beginning with the publication of the magazine Métal Hurlant, created in 1974 by Moebius, Philippe Druillet, and Jean-Pierre Dionnet, and Bernard Farkas. David Sedley (French) is the faculty sponsor for the internship.

Nick Kahn ’14


Research Fellowships

The Hurford Center’s Summer Research Fellowships are competitive grants designed to support thesis-related or otherwise substantive research projects, enabling students to spend the summer visiting archives, learning a language necessary to project research, or dedicating their time to a focused reading program.



NYC Pride 2014: What are We Fighting for Now? - CJ Morrison ’15

CJ will work as a volunteer researcher with NYC Pride to collect data for his senior anthropology thesis. By combining ethnographic research at NYC Pride and the LGBT Community Center with historical research at the National Archive of LGBT History, he will investigate the ways in which memorializing the Stonewall Riots and constructing a political identity of 'pride' may silence some historical narratives in queer history and exclude certain queers from the community.


Japanese Modernism in Picture Books - Honglan Huang 16

Honglan Huang ’16 will travel to Japan to conduct thesis research with primary visual and textual sources. She will visit art museums and picture book museums throughout the country to identify specific connections between the two fields of Japanese Nihonga painting and Japanese picture books.


Allied Invasion, Colonial Administration and Native Unrest: Robert D. Murphy and the Prehistory of Algerian Independence 1940-1944 - Alex Smith ’15

Alex will use the papers of American diplomat Robert D. Murphy—Special Representative of the President in French North Africa during World War II—to study the connection between the Allied invasion and occupation of the Maghreb in 1942 and the Algerian War of Independence, which formally began in 1956. He will attempt to provide an international focus to Algerian decolonization, moving away from the bilateral histories of France vs. Algeria and into a global history of 'liberation,' Algerian independence, and World War II.


Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Fellowships (Gulf Coast)

Four Haverford student filmmakers are working with Artist-in-Residence Vicky Funari to produce a short documentary film in collaboration with scientific researchers on the effects of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The production is in collaboration with Chemistry Professor Helen White and her student research assistants as they collect oil samples from Gulf Coast beaches. The ten-week project includes two field trips to film the work of Haverford scientists in Pensacola, FL, Gulfport, MS, and Grand Isle, LA. The fellows will complete post-production work on campus with Vicky Funari in conjunction with Helen White's lab.



The fellowship program is sponsored by the Marian E. Koshland Integrated Natural Sciences Center, the John B. Hurford ‘60 Center for the Arts and Humanities, the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship, and Office of the Provost and the Louis Green Fund.  Haverford's Department of Instructional and Information Technology Services will provide equipment and technical support.


Hilary Brashear ’14

Dan Fries ’15

Gebhard Keny ’14

Sarah Moses ’16



Myth and Mask in Digital and Material Space: a Consortial Humanities Lab

As a follow up to an Alliance to Advance Liberal Arts Colleges (AALAC)-sponsored Humanities Lab Workshop at Haverford College, ten students from across the consortium will gather for two weeks in August at Carleton College with professors Bryan Burns (Wellesley) and Clara Shaw Hardy (Carleton) to engage in collaborative, interdisciplinary research and creative projects entitled “Myth and Mask in Digital and Material Space.”  Organized by Laura McGrane (the Hurford Center for the Arts and Humanities at Haverford College) and Susannah Ottaway (the Humanities Center at Carleton College), the workshop will host students from Grinnell, Carleton, Denison, Grinnell, Haverford, Smith, Wellesley, and Wesleyan.


Carman Romano ’16

Kat Poje ’16

Ryan Rebel ’14