Seeing Justice Done: Interrogating the Margins of Law

A symposium on law's limits and possibilities, bringing together thinkers across disciplines to consider theoretical and practical issues in contemporary law, justice, and politics, was organized by Mellon Fellow 2005-07 Jill Stauffer.

Topics and Speakers

  • "The Rule of Law." Papers by Jeremy Elkins, Bryn Mawr College ("Two Conceptions of the Rule of Law"), Siba Grovogui, Johns Hopkins University (Law, Legality, and the Rule of Law: Fields of Power and their Foundations in the International Order"), and Kim Lane Scheppele, University Center for Human Values, Princeton University ("The International State of Emergency")
  • "The Ethics of Law." Papers by Eduard Jordaan, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa ("Liberal Society and the Aspiration to a Better Justice"), and Jerry Miller, Haverford College ("Why Law Loves the Little Caulk of Ethics).
  • "Seeing Justice Done?" Papers by Alison Young, University of Melbourne, Australia ("Narrating 9/11: Justice and Visual Ethics in the Aftermath of Disaster"), and Marriane Constable, UC Berkeley ("Our Word is Our Bond").