History and Theory of Anthropology Live-Tweeting

On Wednesday, April 4th, 2012, follow Jesse Weaver Shipley's "History and Theory of Anthropology" class as they watch--and watch who's watching--a Philadelphia 76ers game.

From the Desk of Henry Elliman and Olivia Haber-Greenwood:

As an ethnographic exercise, Jesse Weaver Shipley's "History and Theory of Anthropology" class will be attending a Philadelphia 76ers basketball game on Wednesday, 4/4/12.. Using this experience, we will be asking ourselves several questions that we’ve been talking about all semester: What kind of rituals do we engage in? What popular events permeate and influence our society?  How do we interpret such events?

As novice ethnographers dabbling in the practice of “participant observation,” we will watch the game, but also watch who’s watching it, seeking to contextualize race, class, competition, value, and other issues that surround competition.

We will record our observations in real time through a group Twitter account- @anthroBALLogy .This experiment will explore the ways in which we observe, record, and interact with our environment while engaging with a broader audience through social media. We will be focusing on many different aspects of the event from the fans to competition, race gender and class to media and advertising, and vendors and merchandise to ceremony.

Follow @anthroBALLogy on Wednesday, April 4th as the Philadelphia 76ers take on the Toronto Rapture.  #iloveanthro

Supported by a Hurford Center Course Enhancement Grant.