Student Funding

  • Student Research

    Research Stipends

    To foster vigorous and independent humanistic scholarship by Haverford students, HCAH offers research stipends supporting:

    • Travel to professional conferences
    • Travel to cultural events integral to a research or creative project
    • Travel to libraries, collections, or museums for research
    • Obtaining materials needed for a research project unavailable in Tri-Co collections

    A faculty letter of recommendation is not required; however, we ask that you discuss your proposal with a faculty member with whom we may be in touch if there are additional questions.

    Proposals should include:

    • Name/class year
    • Major, minor/concentration
    • Faculty sponsor name and email address(be sure to tell your faculty sponsor you'll be putting down his/her name)
    • A description of your project; how will you utilize the funding? How does the project relate to your coursework? Timeline?
    • A detailed, itemized budget of expenses (travel, lodging, etc.)

    Deadline: Rolling
    Up to $400


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    Summer Research Fellowships

    These competitive grants are designed to support thesis-related or otherwise substantive research projects, enabling students to spend the summer visiting archives, learning a language necessary to scholarship, or dedicating their time to a focused program of reading.

    Students proposing a research project should work closely with a faculty member and Library staff to articulate a focused question, problem, or area of study to be explored; if proposing travel, students must verify in consultation with Library staff or faculty member that the suggested location of research is necessary to the project. Students must also demonstrate prior interest and background in the proposed area of study, having ideally taken at least one course at an advanced level in that field.

    Summer Research Fellowships may last up to 10 weeks in length. Fellows must propose a research budget that includes food, lodging, travel, commuting costs, and any related research expenses particular to the project (admission to libraries, archives, museums, galleries, or relevant performances; the purchase of books, films, or other texts). Students receiving financial aid who have a summer earnings contribution may apply to the Hurford Center for supplemental support.

    Throughout the summer, students will contribute to the Hurford Center's blog Decentered, documenting their work. Students will also present their summer research at a "Works-in-Progress" reception in the fall, hosted by the Center.

    The Center also encourages creative, continuing projects inspired by or based on summer research, including small exhibitions, student-led reading groups, Body Text/Margin essays, and any other endeavors that will bring student research into public discourse at Haverford.


    Deadline: Sunday, March 8th, 2015
    Generally up to $4,300 per award

    Rising juniors and seniors working in the humanities or text-based social sciences at Haverford (and Bryn Mawr students majoring at Haverford), are eligible to apply.


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  • Internships
    Students in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

    Photo: Brad Larrison.

    Summer Internships offer rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors apprenticeships at arts and culture organizations. Past interns have used their experiences for thesis projects, professional connections, and artistic endeavors. Some have opted to continue their work with the organization on a volunteer basis during the academic year. The Hurford Center currently supports four types of internships: Philly Partners, Self-Designed, Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Summer Museum Studies, and Library-Hurford Center Exhibits Internships.

    • The Center provides a base stipend of $4300+ for 10 weeks of summer work for all interns, which goes toward food, housing, and other living expenses at each student’s discretion. Depending on the location of a Self-Designed Internship, the stipend may be adjusted for places with a higher cost of living.
    • The Center will reimburse commuting costs for all interns. Should students be working outside the Philadelphia area, the Center will provide travel costs to the host organization's city from Haverford, as well as any commuting costs once students are there.
    • All Summer Interns work with Emily Cronin to decide the best way to share their experiences with the broader community. This could include blogging the experience for the College website, giving a public presentation in the fall, creating a publication, or mounting a small exhibition, if appropriate.

    Note: The Hurford Center staff has worked with other Philadelphia area organizations and may be able to help if a student does not see a Philly Partner that offers the sort of experience he or she is particularly interested in. The staff has contacts beyond the region as well.


    Because these internships are competitive, the Center strongly encourages students to explore all four parts of the program and consider applying for multiple opportunities. Bryn Mawr students majoring at Haverford may apply.

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    Philly Partners Internships

    Philadelphia is home to an extraordinary array of arts and culture institutions with national reputations, and HCAH has built strong relationships with a number of them. Students apply to this program internally; host organizations then interview students and make their own selections around spring break.

    Philly Partners 2015:

    FringeArts , Historical Society of Pennsylvania , the Library Company of Philadelphia , the Mütter Museum of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia , Pennsylvania Humanities Council , Pig Iron Theatre , and the "The Ward" at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design.

    Deadline: Sunday, February 22nd, 2015
    Open to current first-years, sophomores, and juniors.


    Self-Designed Internships

    Students independently identify suitable arts and culture opportunities across the country; after making a primary contact within the host organization / project partner, they then craft a summer project proposal, detailing their intended role with the organization for approximately eight weeks across the months of June, July, and August.

    Deadline: Letter of Intent: Monday, February 9th 2015;
    Final Proposal: Sunday, February 22nd 2015
    Open to current sophomores and juniors.
    Two Self-Designed Internships available for summer 2015.


    Philadelphia Museum of Art Summer Museum Studies Internships

    The Hurford Center funds all students who accepted into The Philadelphia Art Museum's Museum Studies Internship Program (June 8–August 7, 2015 TBC).

    The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a leader in the training and mentoring of young museum professionals and future museum colleagues. The Museum Studies Internship Program provides interns with exposure to the inner workings of a major metropolitan museum, promoting an awareness of museum careers through experiences not available in most academic settings. The Museum selects a diverse group of talented undergraduate and graduate students from a highly competitive regional, national and international pool of candidates.

    Students apply directly to the Philadelphia Museum of Art; full details and application materials may be found on their site.

    Note: In order to be eligible for Hurford Center support, you must notify Programs and Administrative Manager Emily Cronin upon applying to the PMA.


    Deadline: Applications must be postmarked to the Philadelphia Museum of Art by Saturday, January 31, 2015.

    Open to sophomores through graduating seniors.


    Hurford Center & Center for Peace and Global Citizenship Joint Internship

    A group gathered in Mauerpark.

    Divided City: Internship with Friends of Mauerpark
    Berlin, Germany. June 1-July 31, 2015

    The CPGC and Hurford Center are pleased to co-sponsor an 8-10 week internship with Friends of Mauerpark, a NGO and community organization in Berlin, Germany.

    Friends of Mauerpark are dedicated to repurposing the former dividing line of the Berlin Wall (and its infamous “Death Strip”) into livable, usable urban space. This connection, brokered by Professor Paul Farber, connects a student with a dynamic community organization that has stewarded the Mauerpark over the last decade.

    From weekly karaoke sing-offs and flea markets to special one-time summer engagements, the citizens of Berlin and its Prenzlauer Berg residents have actively transformed a dividing line into a community space.


    The group is at a critical stage of having to balance public participation and transparency in its administrative process. They are interested in having an intern to help them create a sense of ownership among young people who visit from all over the world. The internship would involve social media, work on the website (translation), public relations and marketing, and other projects to be determined. Since Friends of Mauerpark programs public events, the internship would require work in the evening and on weekends instead of regular business hours. The members are committed to collaboration and would work with the selected intern to design a plan for the experience that would be mutually beneficial.

    • Applications are due through the Hurford Center’s application portal by 11:59pm on March 1st, 2015.
    • Top-ranked applicants will be selected for a Skype interview with Friends of Mauerpark on March 16th and 17th. We anticipate having a decision by March 20th.
    • The student will receive funding of $5,000 to be used for transportation to Berlin and living expenses.
    • Students on financial aid will have their summer earnings expectations covered by contributions from both Centers.
    • The selected intern must be able to attend the CPGC retreat (April 10-12, 2015) and the pre-departure health meeting the evening of April 2, 2015.

    Deadline:March 1, 2015

    Open to Haverford students with at least two years of German language study (or proficiency attained beyond the high school level). Preference given to rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors.



    Interested students should contact Emily Cronin at the Hurford Center for Arts and Humanities ( or Chloe Tucker at the CPGC (

  • The Student Arts Fund

    The Student Arts Fund help students pursue creative interests that build upon and go beyond the offerings of our formal curriculum. Funding is granted across a range of projects, including but in no way limited to:

    • the mounting of exhibitions and installations
    • production costs for performances
    • film production
    • student travel to area exhibitions and performances
    • art supplies
    • bringing guest instructors, performers, and artists to campus for workshops and performances

    The Hurford Center and the Office of Student Activities prioritize proposals that work toward a specific vision, creation, or performance beyond the normal scope of already-supported club activities.

    Special Note: Decisions are made on a rolling basis each semester up until two specific dates. Applications will be reviewed and approved prior to these final deadlines, and there is no guarantee that funding for the semester will be left by those final deadlines; thus, you should submit your proposal as early in the semester as possible.

    Students provide a report about their funded experience, to be shared with the donor along with a copy of the funded proposal.

    More information:
    James Weissinger, HCAH Associate Director
    Lilly Lavner, Coordinator of Student Activities and Leadership


    Deadlines: Fall: Saturday, November 1st, 2014;
    Spring: Sunday, March 1st, 2015.

    You may apply each semester up until these deadlines.
    $5000 available each semester


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  • The E. Clyde Lutton 1966 Memorial Fund for Performance

    Funding for the planning, organization, promotion, and production of performing arts or film is available through the E. Clyde Lutton 1966 Memorial Fund and the Hurford Center.

    This grant is open to performers, technicians, filmmakers, directors, creators, designers, mixed-media installation artists and anybody else who may be interested in producing crisp, challenging performing arts and film at Haverford.

    Clyde Lutton '66 loved Haverford for its beauty, its academic rigor, and its ever-present but evolving focus on honor, dignity, and worth. He also loved theatre and the performing arts. Whether as actor, director, lighting technician, stage hand, or set designer; whether it was theatre, dance, or choral work, Clyde seized every opportunity to participate. Performance allowed him the freedom to grow and develop as a complete person, to try new things, to succeed and to fail, and to try again.

    • The performance/screening should take place sometime during the 2013-14 academic year.
    • The purpose of the grant is to enrich student life by encouraging students to take an active role in the production process, not to import performances from outside the college. Applications representing any of the performing arts will be considered on equal footing.
    • Special consideration will be given to productions whose potential appeal extends as far into the greater Haverford Community as possible. The criterion is breadth of inclusion, and its purpose here is to encourage works that will have meaning not only for students, faculty, administration and staff, but to the broader community as well.
    • Additional consideration will be given to productions that encourage collaboration between and among different disciplines within the performing arts.
    • Students staging or filming creative class or thesis projects are strongly encouraged to apply.
    • Grantees will provide a report about their experience upon the project’s completion; the Hurford Center will share with the donor a copy of the accepted proposal as well as the report.

    More Information:
    Programs and Administrative Manager Emily Cronin at


    Deadline: Friday, October 24th, 2014

    Up to $2500

    View an example of a successful past proposal.


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