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Reading Groups

  • 2013-14

  • 2012-13

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      This reading group explores the post-9/11 world through the cultural impact of September 11th and its "artifacts” (television, film, music, journalism, comics, photography, literature, technology, art, etc.). Organized by Waleed Shahid '13. Deadline to Apply: Sunday, 9/29 by 9pm.
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      Thursdays, 9 - 10pm, Woodside Cottage: PRG discusses poetry the way we all found it first: outside of the classroom. Bring a few copies of a poem (your own or someone else's) that you like/don't like/want to talk about. More info: Cole Fiedler-Kawaguchi,
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  • 2011-12

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      Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Aretha Franklin, Annie Lennox, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey-what is a diva, after all? What are its origins, if locatable, and how has the term evolved and developed musically, temporally, and culturally? Limited spaces; open to students, staff, and faculty. To apply, email by Sunday, October 23rd.
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      Organized by Andreea Bailuc HC '11
      Curatorial & Research Intern, Slought Foundation
      Deadline: Sunday, October 2nd
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      Edward Albee's play Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf was written in 1962 and caused a storm of controversy upon its release. This reading group will meet once a week and attempt to read, understand, and ultimately adapt into film Albee's original masterpiece. If you are interested in participating in any capacity, read on for details!
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      Thursdays, Woodside Cottage 9-10 PM The Poetry Reading Group discusses poetry the way we all found it first: outside of the classroom. Bring a few copies of a poem that you like/don't like/want to talk about by a poet other than yourself. We promise hummus. Contact:
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  • 2010-11

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      Organized by JP Bowditch. Open to students, staff, and faculty; stop by an info session at 4:00pm in Gest 101 on Wednesday, 5/4, or contact or for more information.
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      Michel Foucault is one of the mostly widely cited figures in the humanities, one of the most influential philosophers of the past one hundred years, and one of the most challenging to read and comprehend. Join us this summer in HCA 30 1B to untangle Foucault's classic text Discipline and Punish over food and drink.
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      Monday, January 24, 4:15 PM, Stokes 102: Given the dire urgency of our current economic and ecological crises, perhaps some new insights can be gained from both classic and contemporary accounts of the nature and possible futures of capitalist society. This reading group, open to all bi-co students and faculty, proposes to study the works of Karl Marx's Capital (Volume 1).
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      Thursdays, Woodside Cottage 9-10 PM The Poetry Reading Group discusses poetry the way we all found it first: outside of the classroom. Bring a few copies of a poem that you like/don't like/want to talk about by a poet other than yourself. We promise hummus. Contact:,
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  • 2008-09
  • 2007-08
    • Poetry Reading Group
    • Talmud Reading Group
    • Ancient Greek Lyric Poetry Reading Group
    • Wittgenstein Reading Group
  • 2006-07
    • Talmud Reading Group
    • Bible as Literary Text Reading Group
    • Against the Day Thomas Pynchon Reading Group
    • Derrida Reading Group
    • Death of a Discipline Gayatri Spivak Reading Group
  • 2005-06
    • Literary House
    • Epic Books
  • 2004-05
    • Finnegans Wake

Dialogues on Art

  • 2010-11
    On Sculpture | Organized by Laura Gilroy '11
    A group of students and professors (Hannah Garner '12, Rachel Cholst '11, Tom Apicella '12, Ellen Freeman '11, Visiting Assistant Professor of Fine arts and Mellon Post-doctoral Fellow John Muse, and Assistant Professor of Chemistry Joshua Schrier) traveled to the Storm King Art Center, a 500-acre sculpture park in the Hudson Valley, for its 50th anniversary. The group wandered from the paths through the woods to see the sculptures up close. The post-trip discussion at Ekta Indian restaurant in Bryn Mawr revolved around the unique way the sculptures at Storm King work with the elements and engage with their natural surroundings. Agreed-upon highlights included a mile-long winding stone wall by land artist Andy Goldsworthy, a cube by Menashe Kadishman that created the optical illusion of being suspended in midair, sheets of steel that sliced through the hillside by the famous sculptor Richard Serra, and a chair made out of welded-together JFK half dollar coins by an artist named Johnny Swing.
    On Street Art | Organized by Michael Rushmore '14
    November 6, 2010, students were invited to join us for a trip to view Seiler's Taking From the Tip Jar solo show at the Vincent Michael Gallery in Philadelphia. Artist Jordan Seiler and gallery director Elizabeth Gault walked students through the show and ate a meal with them afterwards. Jordan Seiler is an artist at the forefront of street art and political action through art, which focuses on the takeover of billboards and other forms of advertising in public spaces. His artistic actions have shut down a company with an illegal business model and generally made the world a place with fewer advertisements.
  • 2009-10
    The Art of the Steal
    Documentary that follows the struggle for control of Dr. Albert C. Barnes' 25 billion dollar collection of modern and post-impressionist art.
  • 2008-09
    ICA's exhibits
    Douglas Blau, R. Crumb's Underground, Katie Gilmore, Odili Donald Odita: Third Space
  • 2007-08
    Wooster Group's production of Eugene O'Neill's The Emperor Jones
    September 7–as part of the Philadelphia Live Arts & Philly Fringe Festival with Professor Rob Scarrow (Chemistry).
    Stephen Sondheim musical, Assassins
    October 7–in conjunction with the Musical Theater Student Seminar, participating in a special talkback discussion with the cast.
    Mike's World
    April 25–a retrospective of performance/video/installation artist Mike Smith at UPenn's Institute for Contemporary Art with Professors Owen Schuh and Rebecca Robertson (Fine Arts) and Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow John Muse.
  • 2006-07
    Saving Faces: Portraits of Facial Reconstructive Surgery
    October 12–by Mark Gilbert at the Klein Gallery with Professor Carol Schilling (Writing Program)
    Philadelphia Mural Arts Tour
    November 3–with Pankhuri Agrawal '06, CPGC Haverford House intern with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.
    My Children! My Africa
    December 6–at the Wilma Theater with Professors Laura McGrane (English; Africana & African Studies) and Craig Borowiak (Political Science).
    Look Again: African American History is American History
    February 21–at The Rosenbach Museum & Library with Professors Willie Williams (Fine Arts) and Israel Burshatin (Spanish/Comparative Literature/Gender & Sexuality Studies).
    Berthold Brecht's The Life of Galileo
    April 26–at the Wilma Theater with Professors Marianne Tettlebaum (German; Mellon Fellow 04-06 and Dialogues on Art founder) and Richard Freedman (Music; Humanities Center Director).
  • 2005-06
    November 4
    Professors Gena Zurowski (English) and Rob Scarrow (Chemistry); an exhibition of work by multimedia artist Rodney Graham, Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia.
    November 8
    Professors Jill Stauffer (Philosophy), Jim Ransom (English), and Maud McInerney (English); an exhibition of Eugène Atget's photography, Philadelphia Museum of Art.
    January 20
    Professors Alyssa Hartz (Comparative Literature), Sue Benston (English), and Kim Benston (English); an exhibit of paintings by Beauford Delaney, Philadelphia Museum of Art (organized by Emma Chubb, the Humanities Intern at PMA for Summer 2005).
    February 10
    Professors Stephen Hock (English), Mark Scandera (Mathematics), Dorian Stuber (English), and Marianne Tettlebaum (Comparative Literature and Music); a screening of Michael Haneke's film "Caché".
    March 31
    Professors Darin Hayton (History) and Jeff Tecosky-Feldman (Mathematics); Gunther von Hagens' "Body Worlds" exhibit at the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia (organized by students Britta Volz and Katrina Schwartz).
    April 14
    Professors Raji Mohan (English) and Kaye Edwards (Center for Peace and Global Citizenship); a tour of public mosaics and art by Isaiah Zagar on South Street, followed by dinner with the artist (organized by student Pankhuri Agrawal).

Student Research Assistantships

  • Summer 2014
    Joshua Bucheister '14 & Rajeswari Mohan (English)
    Joshua will assist Professor Rajeswari Mohan in building a relevant bibliography and critical annotation of literature pertaining to the Sri Lankan civil war, an article on Amitav Ghosh's Shadow Lines, and a chapter of Mohan's book entitled “Maternal Feeling, Martyrdom, and Reconciliation.”
    Dillon Chesnut '14 & Andrew Cornell (American Studies)
    Dillon will assist Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow Andrew Cornell with revising his manuscript Unruly Equality: U.S. Anarchism in the Mid-Twentieth Century and compiling the writings of two anarchist theorists to be released in conjunction. He will also help lay the foundation for Cornell's Spring 2015 Mellon Symposium.
    Emma Lumeij '16 & Lindsay Reckson (English)
    Emma will help Professor Lindsay Reckson build a historiography of the Ghost Dance religion and its challenges to conventional realist representation in literary, visual, and audio form. She will conduct guided research with primary and secondary sources, compiling an annotated bibliography and helping identify potential archives.
    Ryan Rebel '14 & Andrew Friedman (History)
    Ryan will assist Professor Andrew Friedman with foundational work for a digital humanities project that will be incorporated into the new history course “Walter Benjamin on Lancaster Avenue.”
    James Truitt '17 & Darin Hayton (History)
    James will work with Professor Darin Hayton to continue building an online resource of witchcraft and weather-related pamphlets, focusing on incorporating new sources in German, Latin, and French.
    Jeremy Steinberg '16 & Jamel Velji (Religion)
    Jeremy will assist Professor Jamel Velji with creating a visual archive of images related to the end of time to use in the course “The End of the World as We Know it.” He will also help with the bibliographic compilation and course design for the seminar “Mahdis and their Movements.” Lastly, he will be a careful reader of Velji's forthcoming manuscript on early Fatimid apocalypticism.
  • Summer 2013
    Imke Brust, German |
    Lauren Hawkins '13 helped compile a list of scholars currently working in European/German film, to be invited to a symposium that will be organized as part of a new course on European/German film in the spring, among other projects.
    John Cheng, History |
    Joshua Bucheister '14 researched and added data to The Science Fiction Social Network database/wiki of science fiction pulp magazines in the 1920s and 30s, mapping the social networks the data reveals, and exploring interactive information access on the site.
    Hank Glassman and Erin Kelley, East Asian Studies |
    Yue Xin '15 (BMC) helped pursue visual and material culture research on a particular kind of medieval Japanese grave marker called the "five-element pagoda," among other projects.
    Darin Hayton, History |
    CJ Morrison '15 helped to identify and evaluate sources related to witchcraft and prodigious weather in the 16th and 17th centuries.
    Vicky Funari (Artist-in-Residence) |
    Caleigh Feldman '14 and Hilary Brashear '13 helped with production and post-production on Funari's current documentary film project about an aquacize class for 60-90 year olds, a study of older bodies and souls in water, in motion, and in community with each other. These SRA positions were supported by the Center's Tuttle Fund for Development of Visual Culture Across the Curriculum.
    Laura McGrane, English |
    Ryan Rebel '14 helped choose primary texts, create assignments, and hone a theoretical reading list for the new course "Print & Media Culture"–a course that will focus on media and print change in 17th and 18th century literary culture and its 21st-century analogs, among other projects.
    Rajeswari Mohan, English |
    Joshua Bucheister '14 assisted in research for a chapter of a book on narratives of women's militancy in the postcolonial world, investigating responses to Frantz Fanon's writings on anti-colonial struggles in Algeria.
    Donovan Schaefer, Religion |
    David Roza '15 helped research teaching materials for the fall class "Religion, America, and the Science of Life" by reading and summarizing correspondence between Charles Darwin and his contemporaries as they considered the cultural and religious implications of the emergence of Darwinian evolutionary theory.
    Gustavus Stadler, English |
    Cole Fiedler-Kawaguchi '13 examined Woodie Guthrie recordings—particularly those from the late 1940s—and how these embody shifts in American social thought on topics such as social outsiders, collectivity, and various aspects of identity.
  • Summer 2012
    Stephen Finley, English | Student: Elizabeth Cohen-Scheer '12, English
    Assisting Professor Stephen Finley with his ongoing scholarship on Henry James and John Ruskin, focusing primarily on the way that memory and artifact figure in James's "The Spoils of Poynton." Number of Hours: 400 per position.
    Aurelia Gomez, Spanish | Students: Allison Guindon '13, Spanish and Meegan Winslow '12, (BMC), Spanish and Anthropology
    New Course Development & Interview Organization and Transcription. Assisting with two projects: 1) select readings for a new course about gender and guerrilla warfare in Latin America and transcription of roundtable sessions from a conference last year about guerrilla warfare in Mexico and interviews to be organized and conducted with former guerrilla women. Number of Hours: 400 per position. Description & Notes
    Steven Lindell, Computer Science | Student: Gavriella Fried '14, English
    A Digital Resource for the History of Computing. For a quantitative seminar entitled “The History of Mechanical Thought,” student would create en electronic version of a beautifully written and illustrated trade book, now out of print, “Bit by Bit” by Stan Augarten © 1984. Since its publication, the Web has opened up extraordinary resources that expand upon the topics covered in the text. Number of Hours: 400. Description & Notes
    Bret Mulligan, Classics | Students: Hannah Silverblank '12, Comparative Literature and Latin and Emma Mongoven '14, Classics
    Scholarly Assistance & Latin Resources. Assist with ongoing scholarly projects, including: preliminary research for two projects that will be under contract by the summer; help revise monograph and work on ancillary materials; work to develop resources for Elementary Latin; assist with the development of a new advanced Latin seminar on Epigrams by digitizing texts. Possibily collaborate on a short article on the correspondence of Ezra Pound with Howard Comfort, a Latin Professor at Haverford. Number of Hours: 400 per position. Description & Notes
    William Williams, Fine Arts | Students: Ever Ramirez '14, History and Aaron Schwartzbaum '13, Political Science and Russian
    Continuing Digitizing the Fine Art Photography Collection. The student will receive the necessary training in handling and processing this material to be able to catalog it, photograph it and gain familiarity with the various photographic materials to identify them. Description & Notes

    Image Research and Documentation. This is a two-part assignment that concerns editing the Master List of Fine Art Photographs. The second part of the assignment is to research and add visual images to Haverford Digital Art Library. Number of Hours: 400 hours for 10 weeks. Description & Notes
  • Summer 2011
    Farid Azfar, History | Student: Larry Miller '12, English
    Cosmopolitanism, Sexual Space, and Newspapers in Enlightenment Britain: research related to current book project. Three aspects:
    1. analysis of debates over urban sexual spaces in early 18th-century newspapers, sermons, and pamphlets
    2. examine patterns within the same newspapers' coverage of foreign crises and calamities, particularly those in Persia.
    3. locate trends with newspapers' coverage of the fluctuating fortunes of the East India Company.
    240 hours (6 weeks). Description & Notes
    Markus Baenziger, Fine Arts | Student: Milap Dixit '12, Philosophy
    Studio assistant to support development of a new body of work for exhibition. 240 hours (8 weeks x 30 hours). Description & Notes
    Kim Benston, English | Student: Susanna Sacks '13, English & Sociology
    I'm requesting funding for an SRA to work with me for the entire summer on production of the modern (post-WWII) period segment of Norton's forthcoming Anthology of Africa-American Poetry. The project is in the final phases of research and manuscript preparation. 400 hours (10 weeks). Description & Notes
    Duane Kight, French | Student: Takumi McAllister ;12, Computer Science
    Development of electronic materials to support my teaching of French at all levels. My focus at the moment is on developing a series of Flash animations that foster student listening comprehension of authentic French news videos. 250 hours. Description & Notes
    Richard Freedman, Music | Student: Jen Rajche BMC, English
    Digital Resources for Renaissance Music
    1. Assembling on-line bibliographies and printable study guides for his new book (Music in the 15th and 16th Centuries) in press of 2012 with W.W. Norton.
    2. Work on a set of digital facsimiles, editions, commentaries, of Renaissance songs — part of an ongoing initiative sponsored by the NEH (Office of Digital Humanities) in collaboration with the CESR (a French research center devoted to all aspects of Renaissance culture).
    240 hours (8 weeks x 30 hours). Description & Notes
    Kristin Lindgren and Theresa Tensuan, English | Students: Kyle McCloskey '11, English Major; Karina Puttieva '11, English
    Student Research Assistant who would spend 10 weeks at the Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG) in Los Angeles, a non-profit, tax-exempt educational and research archive that collects, preserves, documents, and circulates domestic and international political posters relating to historical and contemporary movements for social change. Housing, etc. is not included. 400 Hours (10 weeks fulltime). Description & Notes
    Bret Mulligan, Classics | Students: Hannah Silverblank 2012, Classical Languages & Comparative Literature; Leah Humphrey BMC '12
    Help finalize the draft of his monograph, Membra Commissa: The Poetics of Claudian's Carmina Minora. Tasks will include bibliographic research, information checking, and significant textual editing, as well as the possibility of targeted research projects on selected topics. 400 Hours (10 weeks fulltime). Description & Notes
    Jill Stauffer, Philosophy | Students: Sydney Keough '11, Philosophy
    Assistance on a book about the relationship between resentment, forgiveness, and reconciliation after violence and injustice - find current materials, and comment on new articles , both in regard to the topic and in regard to how the materials might work in an undergraduate course. 240-400 hours. Description & Notes
  • Summer 2010
    Craig Borowiak, Political Science
    Noel Ottman '10 will translate major articles, web-pages, and sections of books related to the solidarity economy from Spanish and possibly Portuguese into English.
    Andrew Friedman, History
    Bennett Smith '11 will assist with foundational research for a spatial history of Lancaster Avenue, including archival research, annotated bibliography preparation, collecting relevant maps and photographs, and conducting interviews.
    Lisa Jane Graham, History
    Lydia Emery '12 will assist in identifying a repertoire of visual themes that define the iconography of pleasure in eighteenth-century French art, including representations of seduction, gambling, luxury goods, the court, and debauchery.
    Darin Hayton, History
    Arielle Harris '13 and Thea Rockwell '12 will assist in the design and creation of a webpage that explores various museums and cabinets of curiosity.
    Barak Mendelsohn, Political Science
    Hannah Jaenicke '10 will maintain and update "the global terrorism resource database" and assist on projects focusing on the behavior of a regime that relegates some of its most important governance prerogatives to extremist ideological groups as well as al Qaeda's franchising policies.
    Naomi Koltun-Fromm, Religion
    Diane Tracht '11 will locate and gather materials on a particular moment in Jewish-Christian relations in fourth-century Persian Mesopotamia and assist in formulating the best way to summarize, synthesize, and present new research within the framework of old research.
    David Sedley, French
    Caitlin Ross '12 and Asher Reisman '11 will assist in locating a few of the most important Renaissance editions of the Elements of Euclid and translating them from Latin into English, summarizing, and analyzing their prefaces, and research in order to describe the status of the field of literary studies within academia.
    Ying Li, Fine Arts
    Nicole Yulo '11 (Bryn Mawr student majoring at Haverford) will assist in course development and update materials (“Chinese Calligraphy”), compile an assortment of bibliographies that are relevant to the course, and an create electronic slideshow or digital display of student artwork for the Fine Arts Department website.
  • Summer 2009
    Hank Glassman, East Asian Studies
    Editorial assistance in English and Japanese on a book "The Face of Jizô: Image and Cult in Medieval Japan" (provisional title)
    Jesse Drian '09
    Lisa Jane Graham, History
    Research on changing attitudes toward pleasure in 18th-century France and identifying visual and textual materials for an article on Turkish-style portraits and their significance in eighteenth-century France
    Olivia Kelley '10
    Duane Kight, French
    Development of animations designed to teach or review French grammar
    Inez Suhardjo '10
    Jim Krippner, History
    Assistance in course design and preparation for two courses, "Introduction to Global History" and "Visions of Mexico"
    Alejandra Alvarez '11
    Barak Mendelssohn, Political Science
    Assistance in updating syllabi for a survey course in terrorism studies and a seminar on conflict in the Middle East
    Katie Drooyan '11
    Bret Mulligan, Classics
    Assistance with compiling primary and secondary sources for a monograph, "The Epigram in Late Antiquity" and assistance with the revision and preparation of two courses, "Elementary Latin" and "Classical Mythology"
    Asher Reisman '11, Meaghan Ryan '11
    David Sedley, French
    Locating, translating, summarizing and analyzing Renaissance editions of "The Elements of Euclid"
    Hannah Silverblank '12
    Carol Solomon, Independent College Programs
    Curatorial assistance for an exhibition, "In-Betweenness: Art and Identity in a Global Society," for the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery in spring of 2010
    Janet Yoon '10
  • Summer 2008
    Duane Kight, French
    Development of Flash-based French grammar lessons for the web
    Inez Suhardjo '10
    James Krippner, History
    Revision of Introduction to Global History and Latin American History courses
    Julia McGuire '09
    Barak Mendelsohn, Political Science
    Development of annotated bibliography for new course on terrorism
    Jacob Waters '10
    Bret Mulligan, Classics
    Assistance with article on late antique Latin poetry; development of two new Classics courses
    Willy Lebowitz '08
    Ravi Sharma, Philosophy
    Creation of analytical bibliography on sophist philosophers of the 5th and 4th centuries
    Evan Rodriguez '08, Dylan Ravenfox '09
    Theresa M. Tensuan, English/Gender & Sexuality Studies
    Research for new course on feminist theory
    Mari Christmas '08, Melissa McCartney '09
    William E. Williams, Fine Arts
    Selection and digitization of visual materials for new course on African-American art, 1619-present
    Corey Wheeler '10
  • Summer 2007
    Israel Burshatin, Spanish
    Helped to collect and evaluate sources used by an author for a review of the author's work; compiled an annotated bibliography for an upcoming project about frontiers in Early Modern/Late Medieval Spain.
    Maya Cabot '10
    Steve Finley, English
    Helped in research for upcoming essays on "Middlemarch" and "The House of Seven Gables" by compiling annotated bibliographies of criticism dealing with landscape, nature, space, and place in the works of Hawthorne and Eliot.
    Ben Lansky '08 (English, Creative Writing Concentration/Gender & Sexuality Studies)
    Richard Freedman, Music
    Assisted Professor Freedman with a book that he is writing on 15th and 16th century European music; gathered source materials and gave feedback on chapters and ideas.
    Ariella Foss '09 (English/German)
    Friends General Conference – Emma Lapsansky/Angelina Conti '05
    Alisa Apgar '08
    Lisa Jane Graham, History
    Gathered and organized both print and visual materials to redesign Professor Graham's "Gender, Sex, and Power in Europe, 1550-1850" class.
    Jimmy Meagher '08 (History/Religion)
    Laurie Kain Hart & Zolani Noonan-Ngwane, Anthropology
    Created slideshows for Art and Anthropology course (which necessitated reading each text on the syllabus for the course, thinking about images that might illustrate and/or contest the ideas presented in these books and articles, and writing notes that elucidated the connection between texts and images); researched Foucault's "heterotopia;" compiled statistics describing attitudes towards AIDS in South Africa.
    Zoe Marquardt '07 (English)
    Darin Hayton, History
    Assisted in research on witchcraft in the printed media of the fifteenth-, sixteenth-, and seventeenth-centuries, primarily focusing on the visual portrayal of witches. Research included finding and evaluating various sources from collections in England, France, and Germany, both in the original and in digital archives.
    Nicholas Nelson '08 (History)
    Shizhe Huang, Linguistics
    Christopher Healey '09
    Duane Kight, French Developed web-based educational grammar and language films using Flash software.
    Duncan Cooper '09 (Growth & Structure of Cities)
    Jim Krippner, History
    Archived files on Quaker history in Mexico and Haiti with the American Friends service committee.
    David Bamat '09 (Romance Languages/Education minor)
    Emma Lapsansky, History
    Nancy Anderson '08 and Ian Ramsey-North '08
    Bret Mulligan, Classics
    Assembled class materials for "Intro Mythology, Herodotus and Lyric" (100 level Greek class), and "Culture and Crisis in the Golden Age"; assisted on the legwork for some of Professor Mulligan's research Late Antique poetry focused on the poets Ausonius and Claudianby by finding materials and editing papers.
    Willy Lebowitz '08 (Classics/Philosophy)
    Asima F. X. Saad-Maura, Spanish
    Helped prepare three books for publication—critical editions of a Golden Age Spanish novel (Lazarillo de Tormes), colonial Puerto Rican history of travel and piracy (Los infortunios de Alonso Ramirez), and colonial Mexican epic poem (Grandeza Mexicana). Assembled bibliographies; obtained and wrote abstracts of sources, and writing; and created an annotated map.
    Meridith Sine '09 (Anthropology/Gender & Sexuality Studies concentration; Spanish minor)
    David Sedley, French
    Prepared material for the new French webpage, assisted in editing and proofreading articles, and organized notes on French and English criticism.
    Emily Tartanella '10
    Ravi Sharma, Philosophy
    Compiled a bibliography and reading list for an upper level ancient Greek philosophy seminar and created supplementary materials for an introductory course.
    Evan Rodriguez '08 and Zachary Freeman '08 (Classics & Philosophy)
    Dorian Stuber, English
    Assisted with research for an article about D.H. Lawrence's use of a "living" language in "The Rainbow," including tracking down source material; also researched the theory of "vitalism" proposed by the early 20th century biologist Hans Driesch in search of a connection between the theory and Lawrence's language.
    Emma McDowell '07 (English)
    Theresa Tensuan, English
    Assistance with research concerning any aspect of the medium, artists, and politics of comics for Professor Tensuan's upcoming book "Breaking The Frame." Research included fact-checking, traveling to the Comics Research Library in Columbus, OH, and purchasing new and relevant comics.
    Jacob Carroll '09 (English, History of Art minor)
    Theresa Tensuan, Gender and Sexuality Studies
    Revised thesis and learned steps toward publication; assisted with research for junior seminar course revisions (Heidi); helped update the academic biographies of the Haverford faculty involved in the program, helped edit and form portions of the program's student course guide booklet and assisted in organizing program events and editing program documents. Also researched and reviewed sources pertaining to Professor Tensuan's scholarly work (Melissa).
    Heidi Smith '07 and Melissa McCartney '09 (English/Gender & Sexuality Studies)
  • Summer 2006
    Deborah Roberts, Classics
    Assisted with research in preparation for a new course "Translation/ Transformation: Theory and Practice", which involved the collection of examples of translation as well as responses to translations (reviews, etc).
    Willy Lebowitz '08
    Kim Benston, English
    Conducted research and annotation for the forthcoming Norton Anthology of African-American Poetry, and also assisted with development of a new course, "Humanimality", on the role of animals in the shaping of human institutions.
    Ellie Langhans '07 and Emma McDowell '07
    Emily Cronin, Humanities Center
    Assisted with ongoing projects, including a range of administrative tasks, writing and web design, as well as aiding the Center's own research ventures.
    Ben Lansky '08
    Steve Finley, English
    Assisted with a new research project: an "autobiography of place" and/or geo-history of the Karakung Valley and The Grange (remnants of a 17th-century settlement-cum-mansion located in Havertown).
    Lewis Bauer '06
    Richard Freedman, Music
    Assisted with the renovation of the College's music history curriculum, exploration of new potential electronic resources for courses, and transcription of some Renaissance music into modern notation.
    John Bower '07
    Hank Glassman, East Asian Studies
    Converted an existing English-language database of information on Endnote 7 to a new, bilingual (English/Japanese) version on Endnote 9; conducted bibliographic research for a new book on Buddhism; and created digital libraries of images of Japanese culture for use in future courses.
    Masataka Murakami '08
    Lisa Jane Graham, History
    Gathered and organized both print and visual materials to redesign Professor Graham's "Gender, Sex, and Power in Europe, 1550-1850" class.
    Carolyn Hotchkiss '06
    Darin Hayton, History
    Assisted with research toward development of a new History course, "Scientific Revolution," working both with primary sources and secondary literature.
    Nicolette Gable '07
    Jim Krippner, History
    Helped with renovation of curriculum and course offerings through the addition of digital imaging, the conversion of lecture notes to PowerPoint and other technology, and research to identify and scan relevant audio-visual materials.
    John Powers '06 and Thomas Bryan '08
    Danielle Macbeth, Philosophy
    George will assist in all aspects of preparation for a one-day symposium in honor of retiring Philosophy professor Aryeh Kosman titled "A Celebration of Philosophy in the Liberal Arts". Duties include assisting with travel arrangements, advertisement, and general organization of the event.
    George Reuter '08
    Laura McGrane, English
    Helped devise a "methodology for teaching visual culture" for a new course, "Spectatorship in the Eighteenth Century" by collecting and formatting visual materials, and creating a course booklet of theoretical writings, model analyses, instructional worksheets, and topics for class discussion.
    Ross Lerner '06
    Maud McInerney, English
    Assistance with research for a new book on court culture in medieval and Renaissance Europe, including tracking down and evaluating source material.
    Becca Wittenstein '07
    Bret Mulligan, Classics
    Assisted with development of two new courses: "Tales of Troy" and "Myth & Society"; compiled and prepared primary and secondary resources, with a particular focus on the preparation of classroom artifacts (A/V and material resources); assisted with proofing, testing, and developing supplemental resources for a published student edition and commentary of Eutropius' "Breviarium."
    Willy Lebowitz '08
    David Sedley, French
    Assisted with preparation for the 2006-07 Faculty Seminar: "Why We Do Where We Do: Modern Divisions of Science and Literature" and with French Department research.
    Lewis Bauer '06
    Jill Stauffer, 2005-07 Mellon Fellow
    Jessica will help with the upcoming Mellon symposium, including collecting articles from journals, creating a bibliography of materials and informational packets for the symposium, and gathering organizational information to help with planning the event.
    Jessica Johnson '07
  • Summer 2005
    Kim Benston, English
    Archival research for Anthology of African-American Poetry (Norton)
    Shamie Sahandy '05
    Emily Cronin, Humanities Center
    General office assistance, web design and editing, alumni profiles
    Robyn Schelenz '07
    Steve Finley, English
    Assistance with the preapation of a book manuscript for submission, Self Topography: Studies in the Landscape of Autobiography
    Lindsey Dolich '06 and Ross Lerner '06
    Naomi Koltun-Fromm, Religion
    Research assistance for a writing project including the creation and annotation of bibliographic material
    Colin Yarbrough '07
    John Lardas, Religion
    Assistance with visual files for book manuscript and course syllabi, researching 19th century theology, natural science, and meteorology, and modern technologies of surveillance
    Michael Kassler-Taub '06
    Raji Mohan, English
    Preparation for next year's Faculty Seminar
    Isha Dalal '07
    Religion Department
    Assisting the Religion faculty with various projects
    Jeanne Dreskin '07
    Margaret Schaus, Library
    Editorial assistance for Women & Gender in Medieval Europe: An Encyclopedia
    Veronica Faust '06
    Michael Sells, Religion
    Editorial assistance on second draft of forthcoming book Jihad and Crusade and first draft of book on love poetry of the Islamic world
    Tariq Khondker '06
    Marianne Tettlebaum, Mellon Fellow 2004-06
    Preparation for next year's Mellon Symposium
    Megan Gage '07